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Exciting, if faintly implausible, news! Using e-fit techniques, investigators have released an image of Jack The Ripper's face.

Here he is, the grisly beast:


Is it just me, or...


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I've finally got round to scanning those Victorian photographs in.

None of them are dated, but quite a few in the box were 1880-ish.

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...but apparently it's a suspension device for the treatment of scoliosis in 1877.

Scoliosis runs in my family, but I dodged that particular bullet. Still, this looks like a more enjoyable treatment than the horrifyingly invasive metal-rods-inserted-into-the-spine job my aunt had to go through in the seventies.

More of the same gorgeous Victorian quackery over on [community profile] darkvictoria.
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Oh God. Oh, it was amazing. Kill for tickets. Sell your grandparents. Just go.

First, we were issued with plague masks to cover our entire faces. You could only see what was in front of your eyes, so the darkness and the closeness instantly became twice as stifling. In some places, you simply cannot see and have to rely on touch or sound. You're not allowed to speak. We were pushed into the darkness, and for the next three hours we wandered the building, immersed in a labyrinthine Victorian nightmare.

It's virtually impossible to see everything. We all had different stories to tell afterwards. I'll relate some of mine, in random order.

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These have already been posted on [community profile] darkvictoria, but here they are for those who missed them:

"Two headed marvel! The missing link! Live mermaids and...Australians?"

The Australians are having a good laugh about it all, at least.

If you root around on the site, you'll also find some lovely antique medical illustrations.

(Last night I dreamt that I was ballgown-shopping with Charles II. For a man in a massive black periwig, he looked remarkably natural and comfortable in a pastel pink frock. Whatever would Jung say?)
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