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Birthdate:Jun 4
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This is a Terribly Secret Brotherhood for Terribly Secret Geniuses.


Descendant of jackdaws and deported Victorian con men, Spyderfyngers is a Masters English student, a daughter of Gibraltar and the Queen’s Navy. Shy, obsessed, probably not listening, this semi-professional invalid loves art, mysticism and the nasty bits in history. Please don’t ask her to do sums.

No drama llamas, please. We’re British.


"I did not say that it was possible; I simply said that it happened." - Sir William Crookes

"The time of my departure is approaching.
Nigh is the hurricane that will scatter my leaves!
To-morrow, perhaps, the wanderer will appear -
His eye will search for me round every field,
And will, - and will not find me."
-- Ossian.

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Mah Tumbluh.

Interests (147):

...tea?, a'roving, absinthe, aging punks, alice in wonderland, amusing historical diseases, androgyny, angelology, angels, angry feminism, anne rice, annie lennox, apocalyptica, arachnodactyly, art, art history fangirling, bad-chests-and-bone-diseases, being byronic, bioshock, body modification, caravaggio, castles, catfish, catholic fetish, chloral hydrate, cinematograph, cloister lurking, confounding medical science, consumption, corsets, curio, daguerreotypes, dandies, dante gabriel rossetti, david bowie, demonic possession, deranged artistic types, derek jarman, dr martens, dreams, edgar allan poe, edward burne jones, edward gorey, emilie autumn, entropy, eyeliner, fate, feeble kidneys, fin de siècle, flintlocks, genderqueering, ghastly pallor, gibraltar, gin!, glam rock, glum heroes, goblins, gormenghast, goth subculture, halloween, highgate cemetery, highway robbery, historical husbands, hot-war-poet-on-war-poet-action, inkubus sukkubus, jack off jill, jack the ripper, jake baddeley, jan toorop, john polidori, johnny hollow, kate bush, labyrinth, laudanum, living dead dolls, lizzie siddal, madness, magick, making a mess, manuskript, marfan syndrome, marfans, masquerades, mediaeval baebes, medical oddities, men in eyeliner, morrissey, morrissey's femmie spaz-dancing, mysticism, neurotic poets, not-being-a-real-woman, obsessing relentlessly, old book smell, opium, oscar wilde, parasols as weapons, peace, phantom of the opera, phrenology heads, pirates, placebo, plague doctors, poetry, poisoning, rammstein, rasputina, rejecting modernity, rejecting reality, remedios varo, rings, rob dougan, romantic drowning, rossettiphilia, sharpe, smashing pumpkins, spiritualism, spirituality, strange and unusual dolls, strychnine, switchblade symphony, swords, the 19th century, the absurd, the cramps, the gnostic gospels, the macabre, the noble wombat, the occult, the pre-raphaelite brotherhood, the renaissance, the smiths, the tiger lillies, the vampire armand, thomas newman, tilda swinton, tim burton, transcendental weirdness, vampires, vast, velvet goldmine, victoriana, wilf 'n sass, william blake, within temptation, would you kindly...?, writing, zazzle
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